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[Foreign Correspondent Penelope Brown reporting from the sunny south]

Hello dear readers…

I too have joined the MWM2M (Mass Waiheke Migration to Motueka). And like many
people who uproot themselves from a familiar and loved place I was in a sorry state upon
arrival to the mainland. My nervous system was shattered from stress, my back was out
and sinus problems plagued me.

Thankfully 8 months later we’ve found our new sanctuary here at Mountain Valley farm at
the top of the Brooklyn Valley. I’ve had a chance to stop and listen to my poor tormented
body ravaged from eight years of parenting and give it some proper love and attention!
After doing my usual self-care routines and still feeling average I sauntered to the local

Don’t you love when the perfect book just leaps out at you from the shelf?
Well, I found one written by nutritious movement expert Katy Bowman called “Move your
DNA”. I do believe her theories on movement are the missing link in my health puzzle.
Bowman advocates (among many things) walking barefoot on varied terrain, preferably on
an incline, wherever possible.

So here I am, two weeks later, walking my driveway barefoot daily in the middle of winter
for half an hour. Bizzarely it has become my relaxation, so great do I feel afterwards. I’m
waking at 5am most days, my stiff ankle that I sprained 7 months ago is now limber and not
sore. I’m also a much kinder mother and partner – result!

And the icing on the cake? Sleeping with no pillow (another Bowman recommendation).
Anything that gives this ole brain a boost I had to try and it’s awesome.
Now to get rid of my armchairs and dining table… On that note, I shall leave you and
continue this story another time.

Until then, I strongly encourage you to also free your feet and find some nice poky stones!