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Are you sick of your kids breaking the precious plastic bento boxes? Not enough room for a banana or kiwifruit? How many lunchboxes and how much money do you have to spend on broken lunchboxes for all the school years? Only to end up in the landfill?

I’m Noriyo aka Bionic Ninja, a mum of 2 boys. Originally from Japan. I have come up with this fabulous stainless steel bento lunchbox system with my husband. To be able to use from toddler to adult life. Versatile and adaptable lunchbox for your whole family and lifestyle.

‘Bento Ninja’ came from my origin, Japan. Bento means food containers in Japanese, Ninja is Japanese spies who are swift, changeable and strong. Also I play roller derby and my roller derby nickname is Bionic Ninja. Friends call me Ninja. Hence our brand name is ‘Bento Ninja’

I’m also conscious about environment, health and our future. We grow a lot of vegetable, fruit and of course flowers. We don’t grow just easy maintenance evergreen, everything needs to be edible or pretty. We try our best for the sustainable living making all the compost by ourselves, have pet silkie chickens for our eggs and manure, buy local organic raw milk and organic vegetables from the market, most meat comes from the local butcher who sells free-range meat and makes nitrate-free sausages and ham. I also like to bake, make jam with homegrown fruit, brew kombucha, kefir yogurt, bake our bread, even to make own butter with raw cream.

Mr. Ninja is a skillful fabricator, who modifies our lunchbox. You can find mostly mini Ninja 2 in our how-to videos and mini Ninja 1 helps with all the Origami craft in our picture, he is an Origami master!

Let’s save our earth together, start plastic-free life now
Ninja family