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Dawn from Dirty Hippie produces lovely shampoo bars & body care products, and is always super mindful with ingredients and packaging.

“I started by making for myself and then for friends. They encouraged me to make more, so I did. I started in the kitchen, then quickly took over our caravan and a few months later I had to get serious and we got a loan to buy a cabin. I now have a huge cabin with a kitchen that has all the room for my products and supplies and making. It’s my little sanctuary, it smells amazing and I have full rights over the music.

I love my little business and my awesome customers, it’s all been word of mouth and it’s thanks to all of you Dirty Hippie lovers that Dirty Hippie has grown to be what it is today. I am grateful to everyone who spreads the word about how much they love the products with the awesome reviews they place, sharing in facebook groups, telling friends and buying Dirty Hippie goodies for gifts. My aim is to provide products that you love to use, all natural, as organic as possible and affordable.”