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One of the wisest things we can do in our day is to meet ourselves where we are. Not in the past, not in the future, but here and now. What do I need today? What can I do today?

I remember many years ago when I started buying ecostore products, my partner saying to me, Well, it’s not going to save the world is it? And it’s true, it’s not going to save the world. But, it’s going to poison the world a little less than the more chemically alternatives. So that’s where I was, and it’s what I could do. Not much, but a little something to live my day more in alignment with my values.

When I started stocking Greenspace, I agonised about my cleaning products. I am still happily using ecostore products for now, but I am starting to feel that I might be able to take on the Zero Waste challenge, and their packaging is really not in alignment with this. And it’s not just the packaging, but the whole productised version of cleaning, and the whole productised version of life that our culture has created… but heading into that territory is going too far. It’s not where I am. I am a mostly regular weirdo living a fairly typical semi-conscious life, making the best choices I can as a fairly thoughtful consumer in a fairly busy day.

So right now, Greenspace has the three main ecostore products that I use – laundry liquid, dishwash liquid, and multi-purpose concentrate – in twenty litre plastic containers. Life will shift and change and new versions of this may come soon, but today, I am meeting myself here.