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A few years ago now, I bought a reusable beeswax wrap for my cheese, I thought it was such a fantastic idea but after about one month I was left very disappointed when it no longer stuck, and wasn’t doing the job of keeping my cheese fresh.

I got together with my mum and hatched a plan to try and make some ourselves but to make them better! We started researching and with a lot of trial and error we kept testing different methods until we got the wraps just right.

Our first customers were family and friends who gave such positive feedback that we felt we had something worth sharing and we started doing markets and expos and now we are selling online.

I love helping people reduce their waste and live more sustainably, and I’m constantly learning ways I can make small changes too. I love being able to work from home in my little workshop, around the kids routine.


What are the reusable beeswax wraps made from?

We use 100% cotton for our wraps and then infuse them with a tried and true combination of NZ beeswax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil, making them naturally anti-bacterial.


How many times can I reuse my beeswax wraps?

As long as our care instructions are followed you can use your beeswax wraps time and time again. Most of our customers get at least a year of use out of each wrap!