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SuperFeast Tonic Herbs are super top quality, packaged in Miron violet glass, beautiful containers you want to keep using forever.

“At SuperFeast we find potent tonic herbs and mushrooms, grown in the wilds of China, and from their original source. Understanding the methods and practices of our suppliers is our mission. We want only the best herbs for our families and for yours – and we’re willing to go the extra mile for it!

Tonic herbs, my how we love them. Our Taoist tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms have emerged from a system that is thousands of years old. Di Tao is how we source; we only gather our herbs from their spiritual homeland. Our Di Tao herbs are high quality adaptogens and medicinally-dense herbs, grown in their natural habitat. Used for centuries in herbal medicine, our herbs are potent, rooted in history and lore. Using these medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs, we potentiate the function of our entire being, leading us down a path of extreme health and longevity. So what are medicinal mushrooms? How do you make a tonic? What is Di Tao and why do we uphold it with such high regard? What are the Three Treasures? How can you cultivate your Jing essence? Join us on this exciting herbal journey, as you dive into the wonderful world of tonic herbalism.”