As I typed out the title of this segment, I mistyped it as Generating Business Ideals. And really that’s true too.

Picking a card on this topic, I received the archetype of the Prostitute from the Caroline Myss deck. It’s an archetype we all grapple with. It’s the choice between survival and integrity. How far do any of us go in the trade? I don’t believe that purity and perfection are necessary or desirable. The compromise and paradox in any choice are part of the human equation.

There are two options at Greenspace – and of course the middle path is a mix. The first choice is to carry more packaged food, to go with what people have come to want and expect, and to stock a bigger range of organic standards, regardless of processing and packaging. Or I can stay with my heart towards zero waste, although I feel like I need a new name for it. And stay with my heart in community rather than commerce.

So how to make more money while staying true to my values? The shop is close to paying its way, and the studio too, but what’s missing for me is the story. I need to write up this process as it has been a huge learning experience, and a reflection of future pathways for ourselves and each other…