eat poison than pay more for food.

Most of us don’t think of it quite like this though. Many of us are caught in a just-enough cycle between the work we do and the money we make and the things we need and want.

But we do need to start thinking of it more like this. We have to start joining the dots even though the picture the relationships reveal is not pretty. We need to pay people through a network of grassroots distribution to share in the labours of our lives. Some of us prefer farming, some of us whip up a great herbal brew. Right now I am being the shopkeeper, and so I get to curate the produce and the medicines and meet the people who need and want them, and chat about the world.

Most of these people are prepared to pay more for their food, for many reasons from quality to personal health to more philosophical reasoning around the way we support growers and producers.

We need more of us to choose not to pay for the cheap food in poisoned land and water. It feels harsh to say it that way, but right now it’s true. I can envisage a world where this way of understanding payment is old news and we perceive a more balanced understanding of what we want and what we can have. For now though, we can vote with our currency and our presence.